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Our competences in the power generation date back to 1992. We have experience in physics, design and operation of steam, gas power plants, as well as wind, solar and water. We obtained know-how about condition monitoring and data analysis of numerous subsystems of various power plants: vibration, lifetime, generator, efficiency up to energy storage. We have executed 70+ power generation related projects, such as: signals analysis, development of various condition monitoring systems (incl. mechanical vibration, steam turbines valves, generators, planetary gearbox bearings) up to maintenance management. Our solutions are used in numerous power plants in Europe and worldwide.

What are you looking for?
  • Detect faults in your assets at their early stage?
  • Implement an advanced algorithm for energy dispatch?
  • Major SCADA and DCS systems that meets your expectation?
  • DCS system extension for fault detection and predictive maintenance?
  • High voltage power lines remote monitoring system?
  • Steam turbine diagnostic system with web and mobile interface?
  • Condition monitoring system for wind turbines?
  • Battery management system for energy storage?
  • Better reporting through DCS integration with ERP/BI systems?

We can be your number one Industry 4.0 partner.

What can we do?

Product definition

We are trained to dive deep to identify technical bottlenecks as well as areas for innovation in your new or existing solution.


We are able to convert your business goals into effective products in order to bring you real business value.


Our skilled software, electronic and mechanical engineers are waiting for new challenges.


We are capable to integrate your solution with third party systems with usage of standard and dedicated protocols.

Quality Assurance

Our highly trained engineers can take responsibility for verification of your deliveries.

Maintenance and support

If needed our support team is available 24 hours, 7 days per week.

We can cooperate at any stage of the project!

How do we work?

We are flexible

Fixed price, time and material or any other type of agreement based on your need.

Why us?

Industry oriented

Our products are dedicated to use in harsh conditions: dirty, low/high temperature, explosives zones, super clean environments.

Proven quality

We have dozens of recurring customers, some of them working with us for more than last 12 years.

Price competitive

We are based in the Eastern part of Europe with easy access to Western European countries.

24/7 availability

If needed our support team is available 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Own production line

Electronics, mechanics, and automation contract assembly of initial batches of small and large series.

Professional test lab

Climatic chamber, EMC tester, CNC Machine, 3D Printers and much more.

And we are here, in Europe!

Nearshoring = best price – performance ratio with no time zone, cultural no language barriers

Our advantages
20+ years of experience
100+ engineers
300+ customers
150+ projects completed
Conventional power Renewable energy Our skills

Fossil powerplants

  • Good understanding of physics, design and operation of steam and gas turbines
  • Key operational challenges: vibration, efficiency, lifetime, control system
  • Experience in condition monitoring systems development
  • Methods of monitoring and diagnostics: ISO 10816-21, ISO7919, API670

Energy transmission

  • Overhead networks 110, 220, 400kV, 1,2,3 or 4 wire
  • Power lines monitoring systems
  • Transmission management systems
  • Systems for power poles condition monitoring
  • Standards: EN 61284, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-5

Wind energy

  • Turbine types: geared/ gearless, onshore/ offshore
  • Good understanding of physics, design and operation
  • Impact of operational parameters on lifetime
  • Methods of monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines
  • Solutions: Brüel & Kjaer, GE (Bently Nevada), Moventas, Gram & Juhl, SKF, Mita-Teknik, Bachmann, Romax, National Instruments, PhD Turbine
  • SCADA systems: BaxEnergy, ENERCON, Gamesa, Mika-Teknik, Vestas, ALSTOM
  • ISO 10816-21, ISO 19201, ISO 13373, ISO 13379, ISO 17359, ISO 2041, VDI-3834, Allianz Center for Technology, Germanischer Lloyd

Solar energy

  • Systems: mono and polycrystalline panels MGW, SHARP, LG, Kyocera
  • Inverters off-grid / on-grid: Victron, SMA, GoodWe, MEAN WELL
  • Energy storage: Li-Ion, acid-lead, AGM
  • DCS and SCADA systems commissioning
  • Communication protocols (incl. OPC UA, CAN)
  • Signals processing and fault feature extraction
  • Diagnostics of low speed machines (e.g. wind turbine gearboxes and main bearing)
  • Signals analysis according to ISO 10816, ISO 7919
  • Modeling of major power plant components
  • Systems for explosive areas (ATEX)
  • Battery managements systems

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